Family, friends, and dare I say fans,

First, I need to say thank you. If you are reading this, that means you probably care enough about me to be interested in what I am doing with my life and more specifically, with my music. I can have all the talent in the world, but if I have no reason or motivation to share it, its close to worthless. I am so incredibly humbled by the love, support, and encouragement I’ve received that has gotten me to a place where I am comfortable enough to share my heart through music with you and whoever else wants to listen.

I create with the belief that music is a part of my deepest expression, art, passion, and voice when I don't have one. I truly believe it is healing for me and sometimes for those listening. We all go through life and experience things that shape us as people. Whether it cuts deep at the core of you or fills in a desperate void, we are constantly being molded whether we want to be or not. If we’re honest, life would be pretty boring without a curve ball every now and then. My heart tends to be in a cycle of contentment, complacency, pursuit for joy, misplacing priorities, realization of truth, then perseverance to return to that truth. My music and lyrics typically come from somewhere in the middle of that cycle, between the ‘pursuit for joy’ and ‘realization of truth’.

My last 3 years have been filled with so much overwhelming joy and pain in realizing how far from the truth I’ve taken myself. Its a frustrating process to say the least, but I wouldn’t take one second of it back. The pain and pursuit of truth and my faith have grown me in ways that I wouldn’t have, had I not had those experiences. The songs I’ve written in the process of that growth are constant reminders of where I’ve been and what to keep my eyes glued to, though I still struggle.

So I’ve decided to present my songs in a way that gives you a small view of those developing experiences in hopes that you can see the most honest side of me, but also to hopefully relate and find hope and joy in your own life. I will be releasing an EP every 6 months, starting in May. The 3 EPs being compiled categorically by the saying, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. The titles of each EP have yet to be disclosed, or maybe thought up yet...whoops. I’ll figure it out soon… Some of these songs, I’ve been sitting on for a couple years and some I’ve written in the past few months. Regardless, they are all drawn from the core of my being and I am so far beyond excited to share them you! This has been a long time coming! Please stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you for being a part of this,


ps. also! I have a new youtube channel. Feel free to subscribe for live video updates and new music videos.