"Behind these eyes, where I can always and never get away. That's where I'll choose to stay."

The mind is a complex and beautiful creation; how our thoughts can be shaped and persuaded by truth or fallacy, love or hate, confidence or insecurity. 

Behind my eyes, in my own head, is where I can be safe, where I can draw back to if need to be silent in thought. Its where I can recharge, create, and dream. On the same token, it is a breeding ground for insecurity and self doubt, that can be so easy to fall into.

The thoughts and ideas behind my eyes are my own. My insecurities are my own. My art is my own. My dreams are my own. Its not possible for me to be separated from my own mind. I can never get away.

Therefore I have no choice but to make a permanent home there. Create what only I can create. Embrace my dreams and do everything in my power to attain them. I cannot waste time worrying about insecurity. So many flaws are confirmed in our own minds. Every person on this earth is an individual. Every person is different. Every person may not think the way you do or act the way you want them to, but they are no less important just because they don't live to your standards. Lets be honest, we can't even live up to our own standards. I don't...

So all of that to say this. Get comfy. This is the only shot at life that you're gonna get.
Choose truth. Choose love. Be confident in who you are.

You're the only you there will ever be.