// August-US //

Augustus was the founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor, ruling from 27 BC until his death in AD 14. It's safe to say that he was a powerful dude. But empires aren't built overnight. It takes passion, effort, a relentless fight, and more importantly, powerful leaders. And leadership comes in all kinds of forms, but some common characteristics amongst good leaders are honesty, confidence, commitment, a positive attitude and, in turn, influence.

Positive influence can change more than you could ever imagine. It starts with you, then spreads to your friends, then to your community, and grows exponentially. Sometimes we just need a little help getting started...

"The greatest disease in the West today is not TB or leprosy; it is being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for. We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread but there are many more dying for a little love."
- Mother Theresa

Spot on Momma! So all of that being said, I am challenging you, as well as myself, to be intentional with your time and with the people you care about. There are 4 and a half weeks in August and I've put together some practical things we can do to bring some life into your community!

Here is your challenge...

Week 1: Singles Club
Pick 1 person.
- Take them out for food/coffee/tea/whatever.
- Treat them to whatever they want! ...whatEVER they want...
- PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY! 'Do Not Disturb' and AWAY!
- Blow past small talk. Ask deeper questions about them, their goals, and their heart.
- Try not to have a time constraint.
- Follow up with them! Make it a regular thing!

Week 2: Double Trouble
Pick 2 people.
- Write them a fairly lengthy note telling them how much you appreciate them because of who they are.
- Pick people that you want to know better and invest in.

Week 3: Triple Dip
Pick 3 people and do an activity!
- Don't just pick something you want to do. Think about THEM and their interests.
- Bowling, golfing, board game night, laser tag...
- Use the Google machine for ideas if you have to...

Week 4: Check out my quads bro...
Pick 4 people.
- Leave them a nice anonymous note.
- Pick 4 more people.
- Do something nice for them.
- Wash your dads car/pay for the lady behind you in line/you get it...

Week 5: I call Fives!
Pick at least 5 people.
- Plan a PARTY!
- Have a bunch of friends over and celebrate life and summer and have a great time!

Sound good??

The point of this isn't to do "random acts of kindness". I want to delete the word 'random' from that phrase. Why can't we just be kind?

If nothing else, I can guarantee that your genuine effort and initiative toward being a positive influence will absolutely change you for the better. But YOU are where it starts!

So let's make August about people, about creating and nurturing relationships! Who's with me??